For account holders

What is TweetSquad?

Tweetsquad is a platform for managing a community of super-fans that grant you one retweet a week, guaranteeing you reach on demand. It gives you the ability to distribute retweets on the most important tweets. No more email, texts, call or asking around the office to share stuff.

Who are my super-fans?

Your “super-fans” are your most loyal supporters. The people that really support your brand, cause or company. It could be your C-level executives, employees, friends, family, customers, bloggers, readers, suppliers, investors and so on.

How do I get my super-fans to join my squad and retweet my Tweets?

On signup, everyone gets a simple free join page with a link. You can send this link out by email, tweet it, post on facebook, text it, embed a button with it or even stick on the door. Once they join, all the retweets go out automatically when you press the button.

Should I incentivize super-fans to join my squad?

It is completely up to you how you recruit your super-fans. Some will join you for free, some will need a bit of a nudge. You could say thank you for their support by offering discount codes, gifts, events or anything else. You will be able to contact your super-fans and set up reward schemes outside of this platform.

Does it cost anything for my super-fans to join my squad?

It is free to join anyone’s squad

Do you sell retweets?

NO! TweetSquad is a platform for nurturing a community loyal fans that help you with your marketing by opting in to retweet your Tweets at your discretion, once a week.

How many retweets and how much reach do I get?

Every super-fan grants you one retweet a week, and every super-fan has a number of followers. Reach is the number followers of super-fans.

Do you have customized solutions for large brands and agencies?

Yes we do! Contact us here.

For super-fans

What happens when I join a squad?

When you opt-in to join a squad, you grant access for one retweet to come out of your account every week. The tweet that is retweeted is chosen by the squad administrator and can only be from the account of the brand/company/individual that you opted in to support.

Will someone post on my behalf?

No. You will only “retweet” a tweet by the account that you support.

Can I form my own squad and get my friends and followers to retweet me?

Yes you can, just upgrade to a plan and start building your super loyal community.

Can I opt-out of a squad?

Yes off course! You can always leave a squad and no longer give them any retweet support.